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What to You Need to Know about Sherlock Holmes Museum

At 221b Baker Street, London, you’ll find the Sherlock Holmes Museum, a famous visitor destination. The museum was built to honour Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most renowned fictional creation and to immerse visitors in the world of the fictitious detective Sherlock Holmes.

What to You Need to Know

The museum is in a structure designed to look like the original stories’ fictional 221b Baker Street. The famed sitting area where Holmes and Dr Watson discussed their most recent cases is open to visitors.

Objects and memorabilia associated with Sherlock Holmes and his milieu are on display in the museum. Books, letters, and other documents from the authors, as well as costumes and set pieces from different film and television adaptations, are all on display. The replica of Holmes’ bedroom is furnished and decorated in the Victorian style. The museum’s gift shop, which displays a wide selection of books, apparel, and souvenirs with a Sherlock Holmes theme, is a major attraction.

The museum offers various interactive activities, from dressing up in replica Victorian garb to conducting a fictitious police inquiry. Throughout the year, there are also ongoing exhibitions and events, such as lectures by Sherlock Holmes scholars.

The museum is open every day from 9:30 am to 6 pm, and visitors pay different prices based on their age and whether or not they are coming as a group. The museum is a must-see for any visitor interested in the history of British popular culture or the world’s most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.


A tourists guide to regent’s street London

Mention Regents Street London, and the first thing that comes into mind is high-end shopping. The street is at the heart of the city and is synonymous with fine fashion, wellness, dining and lifestyle. Here is a guide for visitors looking to explore this famous street.


The street was built in 1819 and was named after Prince Regent. It was built as the shopping centre for London and has now grown into a world-renowned status. In addition to year-round shopping, it also hosts other events such as Christmas Lights in November, September Fashion Festival, and Summer Streets. It is also home to world-renowned stores such as J. Crew, Coach, Burberry, Kate Spade and Tory Burch, among others. If you are here for dining, you will find world-acclaimed and award-winning restaurants such as Stem, Araki and Sabor.


What makes Regent Street special is its central location in the city, which makes it easily accessible. The street spans from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly Circus, with shops, bars and restaurants lining the streets.

There is no doubt that if you are looking for the finer things in life, whether fashion or dining in the heart of the city, the place you need to be is Regents Street London.

Christmas at Kew Gardens 2021, What to expect

Christmas at Kew Gardens runs from 17th November 2021 to 9th January 2022. Here is what you can expect from this event.

What is the Christmas at Kew Gardens event?

This is an annual event held at Kew Gardens. The trail which is about 2.6km, can be covered in approximately 75 minutes. The after-dark festivities see family and friends enjoy delicious foods at the Victoria Plaza Café, drinks at Pavilion Bar and Grill, dance beside the waterside, walk under jewel decorated trees, get warm at the Fire Garden, and even feast their eyes at the Palm House light display. While this seasonal festivity attracts loads of visitors, this year’s event will be limited in capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Alex Liivet from Chester, United Kingdom, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


The event will run from Wednesday 17th November 2021- Sunday 9th January 2022. However, it will only be open between 17th-21st November 2021, 24th-28 November 2021, 30th November – 5th December 2021, 7th- 12th December 2021, 14th-24th December 2021, and 26th December 2021 – 9th January 2022. The festivities will be open from 4-10 pm, with visitors requiring to choose their preferred time entry slot, with the last allowed entry being at 8 pm. Entrance to the venue will be via the Lion gate, Victoria Gate, or Brentford Gate depending on the ticket you choose. Tickets go for £21.50 during off-peak hours, and £26.50 during peak hours.

What to expect

Since there are no covered areas along the trail and path, they can sometimes get wet. This means visitors are advised to wear appropriate clothing. In addition, while the trail is lit, some areas are lit at low levels, and visitors may need torches. Visitors are allowed to take photos.

If you are looking to enjoy a mesmerising trail during this year’s Christmas Festivities, you should consider booking yourself a ticket for the Christmas at Kew Gardens 2021.

Alex Liivet from Chester, United Kingdom, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace – a brief history
Originally constructed in 1632 by the then king Prasat Thong, the Palace became disused with many of the buildings suffering damage and the grounds becoming overgrown. In the mid 19th century the site was rejuvenated by king Mongkut to be used as a place of royal meetings and most of the buildings remain open to the public to this day.

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace – Why it’s a must see attraction
The Bang Pa-In Palace also known as the summer palace is situated in the Ayutthaya historical park, a UNESCO world heritage site furthermore this site is just a short drive from Bangkok making it an ideal day trip for tourists. As a result there is a variety of day trip and options to allow visitors to learn as much as they can about this piece of Thai history. The site is made up of a number of buildings with varying styles, giving an in depth insight into the architecture of the times along with stunning lake views, the tranquility is an ideal break from the more modern and hectic atmosphere of Bangkok. The main residence building is still used infrequently for royal meetings to this day and as a result is closed to the public however the Chinese residence style building is still open to the public allowing visitors the chance to experience the internal architecture and decoration also. This building was a gift from the Chinese chamber of commerce in 1889 to the Thai royal family, and the red lacquer interior really does give a sense of royalty. Even if history isn’t of interest, the breathtaking views are more than worth the trip!

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History of Beauty: A brief history of spa therapy

Many women and an ever-increasing amount of men often visit spas for treatments and relaxation. They are a place to escape from hectic daily lives to have a moment of calm and pampering. But just why are spas so popular? In this article, we explore the history of spas and how they have changed over time.

Where did spa therapy originate?

It was way back in Ancient Greek times when baths and spas were first used for healing and restoration of the body and mind. Before then, baths were considered solely for keeping clean and hygienic. It was the Romans who first created special thermal baths using natural hot mineral water, which led to spas popping up all over the world gaining popularity in places to enjoy the healing benefits of spa therapy.

When the Roman Empire fell around 476 ad, there was a decline in popularity of spas temporarily. It wasn’t until 1326 that spas made a reappearance after an ironmaster from Belgium discovered a natural hot springs in a town called ‘Spa’- hence where the word came from!

The start of the 19th century saw the development of spa treatments such as soaking and relaxing in hot water, drinking hot spa water, steam rooms and eventually massage. Fast forward to today and we have all sorts of beneficial spa treatments that we can choose to help us relax and rejuvenate.

What are the benefits?

We have established that spa therapy has been popular throughout the centuries and all around the world. But why are they so beneficial and who first discovered their potential healing properties? Hippocrates Asclepiades, a physician from Greece, first put forward the idea that diseases were caused by a disproportuon of bodily fluids. He advised that bathing and massage can restore the body and help prevent disease. Today many more benefits have been discovered such as: promotes better quality sleep, improves blood flow around the body, helps with mnetal health, supports weight loss and much more.

Have you visited a spa yet?

So there you have it. Spas have been around almost since the beginning of time and their benefits have been well known for centuries. Today the spa industry is bigger than ever and continues to grow in popularity. Looking after your mental health and well-being is more important than ever and visiting a spa may be a good place to start.

The History of Sepak Takraw e Where to see it in Bangkok

Are you looking for a new hobby? Sepak Takraw kick volleyball is different from other types of volleyball since it uses a rattan ball and takes place with only two to four players. Moreover, this game works well for you if you want to be physically fit as well as remain healthy.

Sepak Takraw involves the knees, feet, chest, and head. Here is a brief history of Sepak Takraw and the best place to see it in the city of Bangkok.

1. All you need to know about the Sepak Takraw game

Its an ancient game and you can see murals of monkey god playing the game at Emerald Buddha temple which is 11kms from lancaster Bangkok. The sport has dominated in Thailand and south east asia and was introduced in Asian games in 1990. Sepak is a Malay name which stands for a kick while Takraw is a Thai word representing woven ball. It involves three people; two have to stand on opposite ends while the sticker remains at the center of the court.

The court size for Sepak Takraw measures 13.4m long, and 6.1m wide. Moreover, the maximum net length is 1.52m. These measurements make it possible to play the game from indoors or enjoy it with your friends at the beach.

2. Regulations

The game involves two teams, each with three players. The rules for this game are straight forward since you are only required to touch the ball with your knee, head, chest, and feet. Arms are not allowed in this case.

Moreover, the player is only allowed three touches before sending the ball to the next player. The game also involves two sets. The movements for the game include jumping, flipping, and bicycle-like kick, which in turn helps the body remain active and healthy.

The game is competitive, therefore, requires players’ attention. It keeps the mind occupied, thus disconnecting from daily routines. If you are staying at Lancaster Bangkok, you can watch the match from any public park with a Sepak Takraw court. They include, Benjasiri park (more central -much nearer-3.6km away), Lumphini (about 4km away), Suan Rot Fai (about 10km away), and maybe Sanam Luang (about 10km away).

3. What to Expect

The game entails impressive feats such as the rolling spike where the player leaps into the air and kicks the ball to score. The scissors kick involves kicking the ball with the opposite shoulder.

Bottom Line

Many people have embraced it as it entails fewer rules and requires less professional skills to enjoy. It’s an excellent game to enjoy with your loved ones.

What to see during a weekend break in London

The grandest city of them all

There are so many attractions such as sightseeing tours, restaurants, theatre seats, shopping and some excellent beaches near the city. A weekend is good but it simply means it is going to be packed full of spectacular events, so that you have to come back for more.

There are romantic weekends for 2 in the city or weekend outings with the family, and whatever your choice there are always scrumptious meals and traditional British tea times to relish.

Just one area offers so many novel ideas

Southwark, for instance, can occupy a number of your hours over the weekend. It’s an area that stretches south from the River Thames and there is always plenty going on. There are flea markets, the National Theatre for a show as well as the chance to try your hand at glass blowing.

Also, Southwark Cathedral, built in 1106 and displaying interesting Gothic architecture will enthrall you, particularly because the cathedral hosts concerts throughout the year as well as art exhibitions.

Then again, Borough Market is the biggest and oldest in the city, and with one hundred or so stalls there is just such a lot to choose from.

A hotel that makes you feel at home

London’s tallest skyscraper is also a must-visit. The Shard has heaps of bars, restaurants, shops and a hotel, and the views from floor 68 will take your breath away. You may be able to pick sightings of the Royal Lancaster London hotel. Some things just naturally work well together, and one of these is having excellent accommodation in a place where there is so much to see and do.

The Royal Lancaster is well situated in London to take in all the sites, many of which you can walk to. Royal Lancaster London hotel rooms also offer splendid views of the London skyline. After so much sight-seeing you’re going to want deluxe rooms that offer you sheer comfort and luxury so you’ve got energy for the next exciting day.

The hotel’s special magic has attracted all kinds of people, dispensing its irresistible blend of good services and gracious charm. Many visitors to the city simply wouldn’t dream of staying anywhere else during their weekend break in London.